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I hope to make you smile, to inspire you, and to maybe shed a little knowledge about mental illness, mental health, and special education ❤


I have no official diagnoses, but I tend to have what I appear to be small panic attacks when I feel that I am in danger of not being able to breathe. It’s not usually a problem, and I can typically just focus on my breathing and close my eyes and I will be alright. 

Well, today I had a bad one (I hadn’t had one since I saw Hulk in theatres. ask if you want me to explain that one lol).

I don’t typically wear necklaces, but Marcus picked one out for me a while ago and I decided to wear it today. I had no trouble with the clasp when I put it on myself earlier, so I figured that I wouldn’t have trouble taking it off later. I was wrong.

I tried for a good minute and a half until I finally yelled for Marcus. The whole time I gradually became more and more scared and breathing really hard. Marcus came to my rescue, took the necklace off and calmed me down. But OMG it’s been a really long time since I’ve freaked out like that! I didn’t notice until after he took it off of me that a few tears had started rolling down my face :\

Like I said, I’ve never been diagnosed and I don’t typically get any panic attacks that are this bad. But today kinda scared me… I mean the necklace wasn’t even tight or anything. Ugh, this whole fear of not being able to breath or being restrained gets annoying…

Just a little vent. Thank you Tumblr for being here just for that :)

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