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I hope to make you smile, to inspire you, and to maybe shed a little knowledge about mental illness, mental health, and special education ❤





Demi Lovato is going to launch The Lovato Scholarship Program in honor of her father. 

it’s so refreshing to see someone as famous and popular as she is with teen girls be so honest about mental illness

It’s also really refreshing to see a celebrity putting money into getting actual treatment for people, not just vague “awareness”.

Add this to the list of reasons I like her.

Demi is a hero, after all she’s been through. And how much hate she used to get and how she felt. This girl is amazing, she deserves the best. I’m proud of her. Demetria Devonne Lovato.

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When someone asks what I’m doing after work:



me (in my head) when someone actually invites me to hang out. honestly i just wanna take my bra off, put my sweatpants and glasses on, play halo, watch tv/movies, and maybe drink with my hubby. oh ya, and pet my cats :) 

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lilo and stitch actually is the most depressing film that disney ever made

it’s literally about parents dying and a child being forced to raise her younger sister and about an alien coming and wrecking their house and having the fbi on their case only to show them true family and how to love each other when they feel so alone and really like no movie made me cry as a kid like this movie did

it’s also one of the most uplifting stories for the same reasons. nani is one of the strongest and most real characters in any disney movie imho, because here’s this girl who has been strong through losing her parents and having to raise her little sister. she’s doing the best she can by trying to find a new job, trying to keep her sister happy and safe, trying to work with CPS to keep her family together. she’s got to deal with having her whole world turned on its ear constantly and she is such a powerhouse. sure, she loses her cool, but in her situation, others would do it in far less productive ways. she is fantastically protective of lilo and just wants everything to be okay.

nani is the serious best character ever.

Lilo and Stitch is Disney’s greatest achievement imo.

Not to mention that Nani is one of the only (if not the only) animated Disney characters with an average body shape.  You can even see her little stomach rolls in the third gif.

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Oh Blanche …. we must share a brain :)

Oh Blanche …. we must share a brain :)

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do you ever just sit around and think I’m in my twenties.


MID - twenties!!!! Freakin weird!

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